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American Performer Gerard Edery to Visit Poland Drukuj Email

From June 14-17, 2011, world-class American singer, guitarist, and folklorist Gerard Edery  will travel to Bialystok and Warsaw, where he will conduct several workshops and performances. Czytaj całość…

Mr. Edery's music traces the unique migration of the Sephardim from medieval Spain across North Africa to the Middle East and beyond.  

His unique style of world music reflects an appreciation for how music from different cultures overlaps, parallels, and often borrows from one another.



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Polack Drukuj Email
"Polack" is a documentary film about the search for the source of the Polish joke in America.
Polish jokes often portray the Polack as dumb, which is common for ethnic jokes. But additionally, Polish jokes are unique in their portrayal of the Poles as dirty.

In the documentary, an in-the-closet Polish American searches for the source of the jokes in the history of Poland.

The film’s end shifts to question the myth of home, the harm in secrets, and the time to stand up.

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