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Erica's Blog
Hi! I’m Erica. I am a senior at Northeastern Illinois University, graduating May 2011. I am completing my last semester at the University of Warsaw in Poland because my Polish exchange student friends convinced me it was a good idea, and because I have an unsatiable desire to see and experience the world :)

Here you can read about my Polish adventures. Want more? Visit my blog.

Winter is here! Print E-mail
November 30, 2010
Winter is here!

So, this morning was the trip to the sejm (parliament) for my Constitutional History of Poland class. Snow fell all day long, and the ZTM had terrible efficiency due to the lack of snow plows.

I was supposed to be at the meeting point at 9:30a, but since my bus was late and traffic wasn't moving, I was only half way there at 9:30a. I arrived at 9:50a, and I still beat the professor there. All of a sudden, I felt less bad about being late, because it meant less time standing in the snow and cold. :)

The sejm was "alright" overall. The guide didn't know a lot and kept asking if we wanted to "make a picture" at various parts of the sejm. Genius here didn't bring her camera up from coat check, so I don't have any pics of Polish parliament. Basically, it's a government building, overly ornate in some spots, horrendously outdated in others.
It's been about ten years... Give or take. Print E-mail
November 28, 2010
It's been about ten years... Give or take.

I've experienced a lot of random things in Europe, and now I can add "meet up with a childhood friend who is also living in Europe who you haven't seen in 10+ years" to the list. I had a lovely weekend visiting with Hannah, said childhood friend who I haven't seen in about ten years.

Hannah came to Warsaw from Germany for Thanksgiving! I met her at Centralny on Thanksgiving day in the midst of the dinner preparation happening at my flat. We successfully met and recognized each other on the platform, I successfully navigated us out of the tunnels to the main hall, then we walked in circles because I kept changing my mind about the most efficient way to get home. We ended up on the 519 bus, which worked like a charm. Back at the flat, Thanksgiving madness was in full swing, and we partied until 3:00am.
An American Thanksgiving in Poland Print E-mail
November 25, 2010
An American Thanksgiving in Poland

Last Thursday when we were having dinner at Fabian's house, Natasha and I announced our plan to co-host Thanksgiving dinner at my flat.

To plan Thanksgiving dinner in Poland: First, you need to find a store that has a whole turkey. When you find the turkey, it is chilling out behind the deli counter. One turkey, all by itself. I pointed and said, "Jeden indyk proszę! (One turkey, please!)", the guy picked the turkey up by the leg and put the whole bird on the scale. Since the turkey is not nicely wrapped like a Butterball turkey, he had to stuff it into deli bags and, three bags later, I have a 6.6kg  turkey to carry around the store. Then, I carried the enormous turkey (the size of a small child) on the 30 minute bus ride back to my house from the store... *sigh* Next, you rally the troops and get them excited about participating in an American Thanksgiving! That was the easy part. :)
Legia Warszawa is our pride and fame! Print E-mail
November 18, 2010
Legia Warszawa to nasza duma i sława!

"Legia Warszawa is our pride and fame!" 

I went to a bona fide European football (soccer) match! :)  

I am taking a political science class entitled "Football in Europe: Political and Social Aspects" this semester. When I first heard about the class at orientation, the professors promised excursions to a football, and a tour of the stadium being built for the 2012 European Cup.  So, back to the story.

My class went to the Legia Warszawa vs. Arka Gdynia game...
Hospitals and Harry Potter Print E-mail
November 18, 2010
Hospitals and Harry Potter

I had my first run-in with a foreign health care system courtesy of Natasha. In the wee hours of Thursday morning, the talented Natasha tripped on a cobblestone, fell down a few short stairs, and twisted her ankle. When I saw her for class at 11, she was gimpy and hobbling everywhere.

After Polish class, Natasha decided she should see a doctor, and I volunteered to stay with her to make sure she survived the day (she'd had the most ridiculous Murphy's Law day the day before). After lunch we went back to her flat, and she made some mashed potatoes, because I'd had the most unsatisfying lunch at the milk bar. Then she called her insurance to find out what she needed to do to see a foreign doctor, and we went on a Google hunt for clinics in Warsaw. We weren't in any sort of hurry, as we were waiting for her roommate to bring borrowed crutches from his friend who'd broken his leg from jumping out of a window.

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