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Legia Warszawa is our pride and fame! Print E-mail
November 18, 2010
Legia Warszawa to nasza duma i sława!

"Legia Warszawa is our pride and fame!" 

I went to a bona fide European football (soccer) match! :)  

I am taking a political science class entitled "Football in Europe: Political and Social Aspects" this semester. When I first heard about the class at orientation, the professors promised excursions to a football, and a tour of the stadium being built for the 2012 European Cup.  So, back to the story.

My class went to the Legia Warszawa vs. Arka Gdynia game...
The class met outside the university at 5:00p. When the students arrived, the professors handed out football scarves and Polish-English lyrics to the various football songs that the fans would be singing at the game Legia Warszawa stadium Legia Warszawa stadium . Once our group of ~40 assembled, we walked over to a bar to have a drink before the game.

At the bar, the professors announced that the first drink was free. "The drinks and the scarves are a gift from the Dean." Whoa!! What a cool Dean! :)  

After a round of drinks and friendly conversation with fellow classmates, we left as a group to walk to the Legia Stadium. On the walk, I had a nice chat with one of my professors. He was asking me about America, I was asking about football (soccer), it was a nice time. The walk took about 30 minutes. When we got there, we found our seats, then Fabian, Michael, and I went for concessions. We got the funny mushroom sandwiches before Michael saw the Amerykanski Grill where we could have gotten burgers. Oh well... :) 

I don't know what the heck was happening during the game, but the fans were hilarious. I've never been to a game where people were singing team songs for most of the game. There was lots of scarf-waving, jumping, and shouting going back and forth. It was quite entertaining, really! :) I picked up on when people scored, but beyond that, I was pretty clueless during the game. 

After the game, the troops headed to the Metro, and Fabian, Michael, and I went to get some kebab (which was not very good), then met Natasha to go for post-game drinks. Since she was still gibbling around, we went to a place less than half a block from her flat. It was a fun night. 
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