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Winter is here! Print E-mail
November 30, 2010
Winter is here!

So, this morning was the trip to the sejm (parliament) for my Constitutional History of Poland class. Snow fell all day long, and the ZTM had terrible efficiency due to the lack of snow plows.

I was supposed to be at the meeting point at 9:30a, but since my bus was late and traffic wasn't moving, I was only half way there at 9:30a. I arrived at 9:50a, and I still beat the professor there. All of a sudden, I felt less bad about being late, because it meant less time standing in the snow and cold. :)

The sejm was "alright" overall. The guide didn't know a lot and kept asking if we wanted to "make a picture" at various parts of the sejm. Genius here didn't bring her camera up from coat check, so I don't have any pics of Polish parliament. Basically, it's a government building, overly ornate in some spots, horrendously outdated in others.

The tour of the sejm ended around 11:30a, and five of my friends and I were in a class that met at noon. After class Mari, Fabian, Michael, Olivier and I went for coffee/snacks at Saint Honore, a French café next to school. They have very good hot chocolate. Michael and Fabian eventually argued about different newspapers, and at one point I thought Fabian could have killed Michael with the look he gave while defending his preferred German newspaper. I was DYING with laughter on the inside! Mari was in her own world making paper snowflakes out of the wrapper from her chocolate, and Olivier was in Olivier-land. After lunch/snacks, Michael, Olivier, and I each went home, Fabian went in search of Heyah to join the free-texts-within-the-Heyah-network club (it's a big deal), and Mari went to class.

My trip home was completely pointless. It should have taken me a half hour to make it home, but because of the snow, traffic, and lack of plows, it took me an hour. By the time I made it home, I had enough time to put on a second pair of socks, grab my wool scarf, and slurp some soup. I met up with Mari, Janina, Michael, and Fabian around 5:00p for a St. Andrews Day thing through the Polonicum at school.

St. Andrews Day is all about fortune telling, and it was great. Our Polish teacher was there translating for the Polish people, and they explained the various traditions for fortune telling. Fabian was all gung-ho about getting his fortune told. It was quaint and hilarious. He's going to marry some chick named Teresa, and have an illegitimate child; Mari is looking for Phillip, and will also have an illegitimate child; Michael will find love with some girl named Kaya (sp?); and, I will get rich and marry Jacek. It was a busy night.

After fortune telling, we walked in the snow to a restaurant we call "the chicken place". I shared a meat platter with Michael and Fabian, and definitely got portion shanked. It's okay though, I ordered a cucumber salad (which was really a plate of sliced cucumbers with yogurt sauce dolloped on top), and I wasn't really all that hungry.

After dinner, I went with Michael, Fabian and Olivier to a sports bar to watch the Barca/Madrid game. Barca won 5-0; embarrassing. During the course of the evening Michael and Fabian told me that I have a different accent when I'm alone versus hanging out with Natasha (the Canadian). Weird. Apparently they could understand me today, instead of having to smile and nod at whatever I was saying. After the game, a few beers, and a round of shots, we were on our way.

Fabian left early to get his bus to Praga, Olivier walked toward Centralny, and Michael walked me to the night bus stop. During the wait at the bus stop, there was lots of goofing off. Jumping off benches, making snow angels, hurtling over piles of snow... Fun times. The night bus ride was completely uneventful, and I walked the 600 meters from the bus stop to my house in the street, because the sidewalks were completely un-walkable. I was cold and damp from playing in the snow, but it didn't matter.

I spent the first "real" day of winter freezing my ass off and frolicking in the snow. It was perfect.
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