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Association for Polish-American Cooperation (APAC) is a student education organization founded in 2001. 
In the beginning, it was an informal initiative, which later developed into an official organization of students of the Institute of 
International Relations  at the University of Warsaw.
Our main objective is to promote American culture and knowledge on Polish-American relations and to tighten the
cooperation between Polish and American students
. We achieve it by organizing various events, such as discussion
panels with American embassy representatives
or meetings with American experts from different fields. APAC has also launched Polish-American exchange with Northeastern
Illinois University. While studying
in Chicago, our members were promoting studies in Poland among American students with a Go2Poland campaign.
In the years following, APAC also hosted guests from NEIU: My stay in Warsaw and studies at the Warsaw University is a 
great opportunity to meet people, not only from Poland but also from the whole Europe and from  around the world. There 
are many good sides of living in the dormitory - it is pretty cheap, people are very cheerful and open-minded, there is a party
 almost everyday. Public transport is also cheap and well-organized. Other than this, I am very impressed with the beauty of 
Polish women - says James Wagner, exchange student from USA, spring semester 2007/2008.
Our current project is American Business Day, supported by American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, where Polish 
students can learn about working environment and career paths in prestigious American corporations.
APAC is a fast-evolving organization and endeavors to broaden its reach and introduce new projects such as conferences 
and scientific seminars on transatlantic cooperation.
Association for Polish-American Cooperation is supervised by Aleksandra Jarczewska , PhD.