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November 6, 2010
Classroom democracy

There are some stark differences between my educational experience at the UW compared with NEIU. First, I don't have a zillion papers or projects to complete throughout the semester. Second, I don't have syllabus for every class, which really weirded me out at first. Third, the students can vote on when to take an exam. What?! :D

The Dean declared "free hours", basically canceling classes for the days surrounding Independence Day (11 November). Since the free hours affected my Friday class that only runs for eight weeks, the professor asked the class whether we wanted the exam before or after the holidays. The room was very divided, and one student suggested voting on the date, and we did! Vote was 9-7 to have the exam on 17 December, right before the break. Then someone asked if we could use notes, and his response was, "Ok, that's fine, but no computers!"

It is so strange to me that the students have so much power over the professor in this class. I'm completely used to the classroom running more like a dictatorship.
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