Aleksandra Jarczewska-Romaniuk coordinates the exchange program between the University of Warsaw and Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.


She holds a PhD degree in Political Sciences and MA in American Studies Center, both from University of Warsaw.


Aleksandra Jarczewska-Romaniuk holds a post of an adjunct in the Institute of International Relations, Section of Political Economy.




Her interests include international entrepreneurial activities, world economy, the politics and economy of the United States and transatlantic relations.


- Masters Degree Program at American Studies Center  at Warsaw University. Thesis subject - Mergers and Acquisitions of the 1990s Based on the Example of Digital Equipment and Compaq Merge.

- Masters Degree Program at the International Relations Institute. MA thesis subject -The Meaning International Enterprises Activity and Foreign Investments for The Economic Development Of Poland After 1989.
- The Tools of Marketing college at the Institute of Journalism (University of Warsaw), in cooperation with George Brown Institute Toronto - Marketing, Advertising and PR study.
- Post-graduate studies on the faculty of Political Sciences. Thesis subject - International Enterprises as Members of the International Relations.


American Foreign Policy, Entrepreneurial Policy of the United States, International Strategy of Enterprises, United States - European Union Relations, Introduction to International Relations, Transatlantic Relations (course for Sokrates/Erasmus students).

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