Orientation day
September 28, 2010
Orientation day

Today was orientation day at the University of Warsaw, and I started my day with the breakfast of champions, a bowl of Cheerios! :) I left home around 8:45a, and waited seven minutes for the bus to arrive. I was very glad to sit by the bus heater today, as it was very rainy and cold. 

At school, I found the Old Library and joined the hundreds of students who were there for orientation. The orientation was not too bad! We got a brief welcome, introductions to the policies for international students, information about specific courses and programs, and information packets (very handy, too!). On my way out of the library after orientation, I picked up the free SIM card starter kit the university was giving away. Yay! I finally have my Polish phone number!! :)

Twenty minutes later when I managed to get outside (yes, it was that crowded), I headed over to the university post office to pay for my student ID. I had a little bit of a problem finding the post office, because it was not in the building I thought, and the nice man who understood that I understood English flagged down someone who could interpret for me and point me in the direction of the post office. It was one building behind the one I had tried first. At least I was headed in the right direction... When I got to the post office, I waited in line for ten minutes to pay my fee. Once I successfully paid, I headed over to the International Relations Office.

At the International Relations Office, I was met with another, even longer queue. This time, I was waiting to meet my advisor to finish the ID application process. I finally saw her for the three minutes I needed and handed over my stamped paper that indicated I paid the fee. Check. After that, I went in hunt of the International Exchange Erasmus Student Network office (ISEN), and failed. 

I was okay with the fact that I didn't finish what I'd hoped, because I still have plenty of time to do so. I went to Pepe across the street from campus, and got a latte. It was delicious and warming. From Pepe, I went in search of the American Bookstore that I'd seen from the bus window on my way to campus earlier. The American Bookstore made me very happy. I found all sorts of books in English, the clerks spoke English, it was very happy-making. I only spent 34zl  (~$12US), too. :) After my little shopping trip at the American Bookstore, I took some pictures. I found a Starbucks! Lame, I know, but anything that is a reminder of my normal life is kind of nice.